About Us

~ * ~ The Future Belongs to those who Believe in the Beauty of their Dreams ~ * ~

Desert Rain Jewelry started in 2008 with beaded and wire-wrapped pieces. A beginner's beading class opened up a new world of creativity and I fell in love with the colorful array of gemstones. I was fascinated by the variety and amount of beads, natural stones, colors, textures, and the myriad ideas running thru my head. 

I knew that eventually I wanted to work with metal, to shape it in some way, and since I don't trust myself with a torch- yet - metal stamping was a natural choice. Hand-stamping allows me to shape metal, write a meaningful, personal message, and combine my wire-wrapping and beading skills all into one. It challenges me to mix and create things that are unique and it's quite addictive!  

Every piece is made carefully, with love and attention to detail. I'm always open to collaboration on any piece- if you don't see it, chances are I can make it!

As you take a look, I hope you find that special piece that speaks to your heart ♥


 You can also find me on Etsy at www.desertrainjewelry.etsy.com

and you can find my "blessed" necklaces at www.blessedrideco.com

I live in Gilbert, Arizona with my most awesome husband, James, our 2 fur-babies Xander and Star, and my loud-mouthed Amazon Parrot, Buddy.

I love to hike our beautiful Sonoran Desert and being surrounded by sunshine year round.

I am truly blessed to be able to live out my dream and create meaningful keepsakes.